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Nils Bouillard discovered his true passion after he encountered a grey long-eared bat a decade ago.

He was hooked! His fascination grew as he participated in mist-netting, roost visits, acoustic surveys, and public outreach walks. Throughout his education at Université Libre de Bruxelles and Imperial College London, his passion for these nocturnal creatures only grew.

Nils’ passion even inspired him to embark on a year-long global journey - The Big Bat Year! This journey culminated in the publication of a book, telling the tale of the 400 bat species he saw.


30 Countries

400 Species
of Bats

250 Species of Bats Recorded

His recordings from around the world are regularly used for training purposes as well as to improve our understanding of the world of bat acoustics.

Eager to share his adventures with others, Nils regularly gives talks and is an active volunteer in bat conservation and education projects.

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“Nils combines an encyclopedic knowledge of bats and their ecology with professionalism and a powerful work ethic. He not only helped me out with material from Oman and the United Arab Emirates, but he made me eager to collaborate with him in the future.”

- Professor Charles Hood

“During the intensive course on bat bioacoustics with Nils Bouillard at our university, we particularly liked the mix of input sessions and live demonstrations of bat recording analysis. The course helped us a lot in gaining confidence and identifying bat species more efficiently. Despite the different levels of experience and backgrounds we brought with us, he managed to pick us up and have fun going through and discussing numerous example recordings.”

- Anna-Lena Hendel (Uni Freiburg)

“The experience and passion Nils shares is a really invaluable addition, as it provides practical ways to ensure you get optimal recordings whatever your equipment is, and to assess which information can lead to a specific identification with many examples. Recognising the limitations of recordings in some cases, which would lead to a broader, but more reliable identification is also a proof of the value of what Nils teaches.”

- Patrice Dubus

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